Q:   What do I need for my first appointment?

A:    You need to bring (1) a copy of your Arkansas Identification Card or Driver's License, and (2) copies of your

        medical records that show or support one of the 18 qualifying medical conditions.


Q:   What services do I receive with my appointment.

A:    You'll receive:  (1) a No-Risk Legal Consultation, (2) a Physician Consultation, and (3) Registration of your

        qualifying status with the Arkansas Department of Health to receive your Medical Marijuana Identification Card.


Q:    How much does it cost to get certified?

A:    $250 if approved.    The Arkansas Department of Health charges an additional $50 registration fee to process

        your Medical Marijuana Identification Card.


Q:     If I don’t qualify, is there a fee?

A:     No, and we offer a No-Risk Consultation.  If you do not qualify, there is no fee.


Q:    How do I get my Medical Marijuana Card?

A:     Once you are certified by the physician, we immediately process your registration to the Arkansas

         Department of Health for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.


Q:    If I don’t have my medical records, can you help me get qualified?

A:    Yes.  You can hire us to gather your medical records, and if you need further testing or evaluation, we can help

        set up an appointment with a healthcare specialist if you do not have one.  .


Q:   How long does my certification last?

A:    In most cases, you are certified for up to one year or 12 months.  Each year you are required to be re-certified by

        a physician to renew your card.


Q:   What if I get into legal trouble with law enforcement or my job?

A:    We offer a 24/7 on call legal service for a one-time fee of $250 to contact us in an emergency.  We will review

        your situation and make legal recommendations.  After the initial consult to review you case, additional fees may

        apply depending on the scope of legal help required.


Q:   Can I keep my guns if I get a Medical Marijuana Card?

A:    Yes.  The Federal Government is not engaged in confiscating guns from Medical Marijuana Users.  We believe, at

        the present time, that gun owners are safe. Under the Obama Administration, the federal government did not

        confiscate guns.  The Trump Administration has made no attempt to do so.  There are legal arguments on both

        sides as to whether you can own a gun.  You can visit further with one of our attorneys during your consultation.

Q:   Will my name be put on a list and shared with my insurance company or other health providers?

A:    NO.  Your registration and health status with the State is considered Protected Health Information and is

        protected from disclosure by HIPAA.    Your privacy and confidentiality is protected by HIPAA. 

Do you think you qualify?  Book an appointment and let us help you be on your way to legal cannabis!



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