After your legal consultation, if you have or may have a qualifying condition, the doctor will meet with you to review your case and certify whether you have a qualifying medical condition or not.  If you are approved, the physician will give you a written physician certification.  The certification fee is $250, only if you qualify.


If you are unable to be certified, the physician will discuss additional requirements that you may need and can refer you to a specialist for further evaluation.  Once you have the proper evidence to support your condition, you can return for your physician certification.  Certifications are good for up to one (1) year at a time. 

Registration Included:

Upon receiving your physician certification, our staff will immediately process your registration with the Arkansas Department of Health, for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, so that you can receive your Medical Marijuana Identification Card in a timely fashion.  An additional registration fee of $50 is charged by the Arkansas Department of Health to issue your card.

Annual Re-Certification:

Each year the Arkansas Department of Health requires that you be re-certified as meeting a qualifying medical condition in order to re-issue your Medical Marijuana Identification Card.  You will need to schedule a re-certification visit with one of our physicians, and upon re-certification a $175 fee is due and payable.  Our staff will immediately process your re-certification with the Arkansas Department of Health to re-issue your card for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE


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