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In your first visit, you will meet with a member of our legal staff to consult with you on the law and your medical record documentation.  The lawyer will be able to answer many of your questions regarding the benefits, privileges, limitations, privacy, and constitutional protections under the law.  The lawyer will also review your medical records to see if you meet one of the 18 qualifying medical conditions.  If you have documentation of a qualifying condition, you will meet with a doctor to confirm your diagnosis. 


If for some reason you cannot be certified in the first visit as meeting a qualified condition, we can assist you in gathering the additional medical record documentation and we can assist you in scheduling a physician evaluation.  A small consultation fee will be due for qualification assistance.  We will:

     • Assist with release of medical records from hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies

     • Assist with scheduling an appointment with a doctor specialist for evaluation,  and

     • Collect and compile your medical records to document your qualifying condition


There is no reason to go away empty handed, we can help you get qualified if you need assistance to show you qualify.


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